Monday, 5 April 2010

Relook over Project Plan

‘Nick’ will be a romantic comedy, based on a male protagonist whose life we follow in order to get an insight into a stereotypical young British man’s life. It will huge twist about a heartbreaking love square between a British gentleman and three other women, taking influential themes from Shakespeare’s ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’.

Target Audience

The target audience that I want my teaser to aim for are older adolescents and adults who enjoy watching films about love, partying and London in general.

Similar Films
Teaser trailers that I have watched in detail and considered to have a similar synopsis are Alfie, Bridget Jones, John Tucker Must Die and Mean Girls.

I would like to use an actor who has a petite yet attractive stature, blonde with blue eyes and charm. The three girls should all be of different races and cultures to make it seem more interesting and illustrate Nick’s character as a young man who has the ability to attract any woman.

It would be really interesting to experiment with a variety of shots in different weathers. For example, shots with sunshine would contrast well with a rainy day or if lucky, snow.

Post-Production of Teaser

After revising the project plan, I can identify a few changes within our group's project plan. Aspects such as the choice of actors and actresses remained the same as we did select Nick, who has a petite yet eye catching nature to the target audience. As for the girls, we chose a range of cultures from English to Middle Eastern to widen the audience and become an international film.

As for the film obtaining traditional intertextual themes from Shakespeare's 'Midsummer Night's Dream' through the love square but also being fairly similar to the modern Mean Girls and John Tucker Must Die remained the same.

What has changed is the target audience, ranging out towards men, women, boys and girls of all ages, men for being in the shoes of Nick and women to experience a journey in the life of a stereotypical British man. Additionally, the use of different seasons worked well with the continuity of the prospective film, having a different season defining each girl's personality.

Overall, the project plan fitted in well with our criteria of what we wanted our teaser to look like and what atmosphere it creates for target audiences.

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

'Nick' Website

This is the JPEG version of the website I created on Dreamweaver.
This is the link to it taken from the St Marylebone Intranet site

Valentines Day and New Moon Website Analysis

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

'Nick' Poster Final Draft Taking Comments On Board

After reading comments from the previous final draft, i understood that the film title was hidden and quite unclear because of the font colour being black and clashing with the black shades in the background from the editing. Therefore, I used a white drop shadow around the title 'Nick' to make it clearer to the eye and preventing it from blending in with other black colours.

Additionally, the text on the end of the billing box was fading behind mine and Florinda's pictures, so i pulled the billing box layer above our pictures so that the audience can identify which actors and actresses are starring in the prospective film.

The review stars that I used before did not work well with the colour scheme of the poster and did not compliment the composition of the image. So, I copied and pasted the same red star I made in Microsoft Word into Adobe Photoshop on different layers to look neater and more organised than before.
Also, I just added a small amount of brightness to Nick's picture to look bright and a key character in this eponymous film/teaser.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Nick Poster Final Draft 1

After changing Nick's picture, the poster looked more interesting, along with the Gradient tool I used on Photoshop to blend Nick's picture with the white background, along with the three pictures of the girls that I chose to differentiate because the smaller pictures in the second draft again looked dull and out of place. With the help of the Gradient and Blur tool, the final draft of the poster looked more compact and understandable, with a clearer eye flow and composition.

Although Lucy's picture had a higher contrast to the other pictures because her picture was taken in sunlight, I toned down the saturation and contrast of her photo to a level where it looked suitable in front of a white background.